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Topic: Tree Huggers Wanting to Close off More Land

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Tree Huggers Wanting to Close off More Land

Sure, this applies more to the hunting types, but we're outdoorsmen as well, and we 
should stand alongside each other and stand up for responsible land use,
 not closing off land altogether!

Hello NRA Members and fellow supporters of access to public lands,

Wilderness bills are popping up everywhere as the political climate is ripe for them and
we need to let our elected officials know we strongly oppose this trend. We can achieve
this in both the voting booth and through letter writing, which brings us to the point of this alert.

Senator Boxer and Representative McKeon introduced the Eastern Sierra and San Gabriel
Wild Heritage Act, H.R. 6156 in the House and S. 3069 in the Senate last May.
It is an over the top bill that contains huge tracts of inappropriate wilderness, and Senator
Feinstein is already working with wilderness groups drafting another one in Southern Inyo County.

Early wilderness legislation designated truly remote wild lands, but today's wilderness bills contain mine sites and roads
that are merely cherry stemmed in if not closed entirely. Wilderness advocates shaky arguments supporting designation
are easily countered, making it readily apparent that their true agenda is simply closing Americans out of their public lands.
They simply continue repeating their talking points, knowing that if enough letters are sent, lazy politicians wanting votes will buy into it.
We need to let our elected officials know we won't tolerate this rampant land grabbing that is robbing us of our rights.

I want to appeal to all NRA members receiving this to contact the NRA about getting involved in
opposing this and future wilderness bills. These bills will impact hunters as much as any forest user group
and having the NRA take a strong position is vital. Call or mail the NRA at:

800-392-8683 - Grassroots Hotline
When calling request "option 4" to speak with a live person and share your comments regarding how you would like the
NRA to use its considerable combined voice to help oppose bad wilderness

11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030



Maps associated with the bill are at:

The original text of the bill as introduced on May 22. 2008 can be found at
the following website but it hasn't been updated to reflect subsequent
amendments shown on the maps.

To all the signers of the petition to establish a wilderness alternative:
AAPL has been gearing up for an assault on the rampant legislation of wilderness through the alternative designation
that was the subject of the petition you so graciously signed. In conjunction with the Blue Ribbon Coalition, AAPL has begun
to draft legislation to create a Semi-Primitive Backcountry Roaded Designation that will carry equal weight to wilderness, insuring
reasonable access to all recreationalists on select lands not yet wilderness.

We are busy gathering more grassroots support for this effort and look forward to working with you all as we bring this effort to fruition.
Meanwhile, VOTE in candidates that support conservative values and stay tuned for more Land Use Action Alerts.

Thank you for stepping up,

Greg Weirick
President-Advocates for Access to Public Lands

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Posts: 1579
today I got another email from them...

Attention Access Allies:

This Alert was generated by the folks at the American Land Rights Association and AAPL appreciates the opportunity to modify and forward it to others.

The Boxer/McKeon Eastern Sierra Wilderness Bill (H.R. 6156-S.3069) has likely been added to this Omnibus Bill, so we must oppose the whole thing, and additionally insist that the bills be broken out and dealt with individually. Bill now includes 190 different bills. It was only 90 bills before.

The Majority (Democrats) have started to work on Omnibus lands bill again and they now seem intent on attempting to drive it into one of the other bills (CR-Continuing Resolution to fund until Congress comes back next year) (Stimulus, or Wall Street and Main Street bailout) or even worse a massive combo bill that includes all three plus the bail out.

You must call both your Senators to oppose any Omnibus bill. Insist that they vote on each individual bill. House and Senate planning Lame Duck Session of Congress after the election. This is incredibly dangerous. Lots of bad stuff gets added in the dark of night. Oppose any Lame Duck Session.

-----Immediate Action Required

-----Please forward this message to your entire e-mail list. Urgent.

------Call both your Senators every day including weekends until Congress goes home. Call your friends and neighbors to get them to call. Any Senator may be called at the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. You must bury them in calls, faxes and e-mails opposing the Senate Omnibus Federal Lands Bill (NLCS and 190 other bills). It has not been assigned a number yet. You must call it the Senate Omnibus Federal Lands Bill that includes the Eastern Sierra Wild Heritage Act. It is urgent that you call both your Senators immediately. Tell them you will hold them responsible in the election if the Senate Omnibus Federal Lands Bill passes.

Please forward this e-mail as widely and quickly as possible.

You need to act fast. Congress is rushing to pass bills without carefully reading them or analyzing their threat to you. Your calls, faxes and E-mails to your Congressman and both Senators are critical to pressure your legislator to look carefully at these dangerous bills.

Thanks to:

Land Rights NetworkAmerican Land Rights Association
PO Box 400 Battle Ground, WA 98604
Phone: 360-687-3087
Web Address:
Legislative Office: 507 Seward Square SE Washington, DC 20003

Greg Weirick
Advocates for Access to Public Lands
Blue Ribbon Coalition
CA Assoc. of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs
Eastern Sierra Quail Unlimited
Eastern Sierra 4x4 Club


My Fleet
1996 XJ "Snowball"- 3.5" lift, bunch of little mods.  I hate pegleg rear axles!
1974 AMC Javelin "Jade Grenade"- 360v8, 4sp, green inside and out. Underfunded Project.
2009 Kawsaki Vulan 900 "Rocket III"- Summer DD

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