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This forum is intended for product reviews only. Please follow the following rules before you make a post.

1) Is my post about a Jeep related product?
2) Am I giving a review about a product or a company? This forum is for PRODUCT's, not company reviews. You can mention where you got your product from and if you are happy or not with the service, but please keep the post product related.
3) Please give both positive and negative product reviews.
4) Please give ease of install (was it difficult to install the product, was it easy, what could you recomend to the next person who is doing the install?)
5) If you have something negative to say about a company, please TRY to take it up with them 1st before posting in this section. Each story has 2 sides, and please make sure your doing everything to get it resolved 1st before dragging thier name threw the mud. If they are a vendor on this forum, PLEASE talk with them prior before posting anything negative. Once again this forum is about products, not compaines.

If you break any of the above rules, your post could be deleated by the admin and/or a mod. This forum is intended for product reviews ONLY.

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