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Topic: WTB Transmission and transfer case.

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WTB Transmission and transfer case.

I have an 86 MJ 2wd. Its a 5 speed and the trans is broke. would like a replacement. Ive been told its the peugot trans, which i here is not a good one.

I would like to convert this MJ to 4wd so. I'd like to have a manual trans. and transfer case.
I'm trying to do this on the cheap I dont have alot of $$ into this MJ but alot of time. i replaced the floors and rockers. Then the trans took a dump.
So anyone who has anthing that would bolt in drop me a line.
Also looking for advice or recomendations as to which trans would be a good replacement. noShould i look for XJ or YJ trans??no


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People say a lot of things.  My only experience with the puegot tranny is in my old XJ the 88.  It has 290k on the clock and still kicking.... So they can't be too bad.

After I wrote this I realised that yours took a crap... haha.  Sorry.  What axles are you going to go with for the fwd swap?  I think that would very what tranny you would be going with.  Find a donor XJ somewhere and just pull the whole drive line.  That would be my suggestion.  If it isn't running you could probably get one on the cheap too.


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